Eyelash Extension

Classic Full Set $90
A technique of placing one lash on the top of another lash. You can choose different styles to match your eyes like the cat-eye look, a doll style, wispy, or even a European style with a convenient flat price in our beauty salon.

1 wks : $35
2 wks : $50
3 wks: $60
4 wks: $70

Hybrid Full Set $105
A mixture of classic and full volume, using a triple-seal technique that makes the extensions last longer and provides your lashes with a fuller appearance. Hybrid lash extensions are the most popular service in our store due to the density and the long-lasting effect of the extensions.

1 wks : $45
2 wks : $60
3 wks: $70
4 wks: $80

Full Volume $120
Instead of putting one lash on another, we will place multi-single lashes on one lash to create a very full look for your eyelashes. This is highly recommended for clients who have very minimal lash thickness.

1 wks : $50
2 wks : $70
3 wks: $80
4 wks: $90

At BL.INK, we consult with one of our experts to determine what style is best for you based on your unique needs and specifications.

How long does the effect last?

Your lash extensions will fall out as your natural lashes go through their natural growth cycle. In order to maintain the appearance of your extensions, you will need to schedule a re-lashing appointment every two to three weeks for the best results.

Benefits :
Eliminates the trouble of using mascara
Adds volume and length
Fuller and darker lashes 24/7
Saves time to get ready


How long can you wear eyelash extensions?
It stays between two to four weeks.

Is it okay to shower with eyelash extensions?
You have to wait 24 hours to 48 hours before you can shower, it takes time for the adhesive to dry up with your lashes.

How frequently should you clean your extensions?

You need to clean your eyelash extensions two to three times a week.

Can you apply mascara?
No, there’s no need to apply mascara. It’ll only damage the application.

Should I shampoo my lashes?

In order to maintain your lashes and keep them looking their best, you will need to shampoo and clean your lashes as often as you would your hair. Dirt and bacteria can build up on your lashes, therefore, it’s best to clean them as part of your regular routine.

How do I maintain my eyelashes?

Each person that walks into our salon is unique, and at BL.INK, we’ve come to discover that some tips work better for some clients than they do for others. After your lash extension appointment, we will provide you with some simple maintenance instructions.