Soft Waxing

Eyebrow $10
Lip $5
Chin $8
Sideburn $8
Whole face $30
Underarm (hard wax) $15
Half arm $20
Full arm $30
Half leg $30
Full leg $50
Back $35
Chest $20+

Soft wax has traditionally been the go-to in the spa industry. It requires a strip to remove the hair and we recommend for it to be applied thin on small or large areas. Once the wax hardens, it is carefully but firmly pulled from the skin, taking the wax and the hair with it.

Waxing is by far the best method for hair removal. A good wax can make you look sleek and beautiful, while a bad one can have the opposite effect.

Luckily for you, our team at BL.INK offers a wide variety of waxing services at a reasonable price. Our talented and experienced waxers use only the finest products and tools to get you looking at your best.

Our goal is to give you a positive experience every single time you come to our studio. Your satisfaction means the world to us, and we strive to do everything within our power to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Stop plucking, shaving, and using home hair removal treatments. Skip it all and come straight to the professionals at BL.INK.


It’s done by spreading the wax over your skin. We’ll place a paper strip on it, and press it firmly. The cloth or paper strip is hurriedly ripped, removing the wax together with the hair.

How long does the effect last?

On average, it takes a few weeks for hair to grow back. Depending on the person, you can return for another waxing session after three weeks.


You can’t wax areas with piercings. In addition, skin inflammation and irritation can’t be waxed, and skin with sunburn. If you have recent scar tissue, don’t wax. And any area with Botox and collagen injection in the past week isn’t suitable for the procedure.


Gentle exfoliation
Less prone to inflammation
Less itching on skin
Clear and smooth skin
Lesser chance of ingrown hairs


Does it permanently remove hair?
Effects last for a few weeks, it isn’t a permanent solution for hair removal.
Does waxing make hair grow thicker?
No, waxing doesn’t change the growth rate of hair and thickness.

Is waxing painful?
it hurts 3 out of 10 as it removes hair from its roots. You’ll generally feel the warmth of the wax and sensation of coolness post removal.